Join the Minecraft Cup 2024 Coding Lab Team

Innovate, Automate, and Create a beautiful, Sustainable Minecraft World with Code!

*Coding Lab Japan student only.

2024 Minecraft Cup Team

The Minecraft Cup is an annual competition, created by Microsoft in 2019, that focuses on The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and aims to allow students’ creativity to come alive as they develop Minecraft worlds that are in line with these goals.

Coding Lab has been mentoring teams since the very beginning. Our focus is helping kids organize and plan their worlds and use code to build as much of the world as they can!

In collaboration with our sister campus, Coding Lab Singapore, we are inviting our Coding Lab students (ages 7-18) to participate in the competition and join the Coding Jab team!

Students from both Singapore and Japan work together in teams to come up with innovative ideas and make them come to life in the Minecraft World through code.

Creativity and Code Combined

Combine a love for Minecraft with creativity, code, and care for the environment!

Cross-cultural Teamwork

Cross borders and work together with participants from various countries!

Full support from Coding Lab

Build a sustainable Minecraft World with help from our experienced, dedicated educators!

Coding Lab Team’s Past Accomplishments

Why Join the Minecraft Cup Team?

Coding Lab Teams Past Worlds

2023 Coding Lab Minecraft Cup Events

Coding Lab Singapore and Coding Lab Japan Tokyo Meetup

*Coding Lab Japan student only.

Perquisites for Participants

  • Age 7-18
  • Coding experience required or by approval:
    • Age 7-9: Scratch Beginner 2 
    • Age 10-12: Python Junior 1
    • Age 13 – 18: Python 101
  • Minecraft Education Coding Class
    • If you have not taken a Minecraft Education Coding class, we require at least a 1-hour to 4-hours class or by approval. This class does not need to be taken before the first meeting.  

Weekly Minecraft Mentoring Sessions​

  • June 16 – Aug 11 (Every Sunday)
  • 10 sessions x 2 hours (1 hour team planning meeting + 1 hour Minecraft team building and coding time)
  • Students are encouraged to join as many meetings as possible.  
  • Special Coding Lab awards will be given out a the end of the event for student contributions, teamwork, and leadership.  
Age 7-9Age 10-12Age 13-18
17:15-18:15Team Meeting
18:15-19:15Coding TimeTeam MeetingTeam Meeting
19:15-20:15Coding TimeCoding Time

If you need a help for coding, please consider to take our Minecraft Cup Coding class or other Minecraft Coding classes.

16:00 – 17:00 Sunday Minecraft Cup Coding Lesson. Please purchase ticket from here: https://codinglab.jp/product/minecraft-cup-special-class/

Additional Minecraft Coding Classes

Teachers help kids with code as much as possible during the meetings, but there is a lot more going on than only coding in the meetings such as planning, organizing, technical issues, monitoring kids, etc. 

If you want more dedicated time focused fully on coding, in a small class size, here are some options.