Age 5-6

Coding is the new literacy!  It's not too early to start.  

Junior Coder classes introduce young children (ages 5-6) to coding and robotics in a fun and nurturing environment.   Young coders program their own interactive stories and games using an easy to use, visual programming language called Scratch Jr. and code robots to solve challenges and play games. 

In the process, kids learn problem solving skills, design their own projects, and express themselves creatively, all while doing fun and creative projects. 

Beginner - Fundamental

New Coders start from here.  Kids learn the basics of coding using Scratch Jr.  and robots.  Kids code games, arts projects, stories, and more!

4 – 5 classes where students learn basics that are required to join intermediate level.



Young Coders continue their coding journey by learning more advanced coding, doing STEM based coding activities, programming robots, games, and code bigger projects.  All while having fun and expressing themselves creatively.  

Do you need a flexible schedule / content?

We have private and semi-private lessons. Please contact us for details.


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Summer Coding Classes

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