Ages 7-9

Welcome to the World of Programming!

Learning road map

Scratch 1

Developed by MIT experts, Scratch is the visual programming language of choice to introduce children to programming concepts.

We have designed a curriculum that introduces computational thinking at an age-appropriate level, in a fun and interactive way.  Students create games, interactive stories, art, and more!

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Scratch 2

Students hone their skills from Scratch 1. Your child will reiterate concepts with more challenging activities (practice makes perfect!) and learn more advanced coding concepts.

Kids can code their own ideas and create awesome games, interactive stories, or exciting blockbuster-like animation.  Only their imagination is the limit.

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STEM Lab Scratch

Kids take their coding to the next level in the STEM Lab Scratch series of classes.  Kids apply the coding concepts they have learned to an array of coding classes.  Kids can choose Minecraft, Robotics, Game Design, Physics, Machine Learning (A.I.), Game Physics, micro:bits, and more!

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Do you need a flexible schedule / content?

We have private and semi-private lessons. Please contact us for details.