How to signup Minecraft Cup 2022

Minecraft Cup Sign-Up — English Help Entry form Sample in English Sign Up on  Official Minecraft Cup Website.  All participants must sign up for the Minecraft Cup competition at the official contest website.  This is in addition to registering for the Coding Lab team.    The Minecraft Cup site is in Japanese.  We’ve provided English translation of the signup page below.  If you need additional help, please send us a message:  Sign-Up Page:  Note: you can also use Google Translator plugin on Chrome browser to localize. See below After fill data and submit, you will receive an email from Please click a link in an email to confirm your email […]

Jr. Coding and Robotics Club @ ASIJ 2022 Sep​

Jr. Coding and Robotics Club @ ASIJ 2021–2022 In the Jr. Coding and Robotics club, kids learn to code computers and robots.  We use a fun and easy to use language called Scratch Jr. and an assortment of robots.  Students make games, interactive stories, program robots to solve puzzles, and more.  Our goal is to give kids a chance to experience programming, robotics, and science in a fun and nurturing environment.  Coding Lab Japan is run by ex-Microsoft software engineers. We want kids to learn the fundamentals of programming, but we want it to be fun and engaging so kids learn to love technology and coding. Primary Focus: Coding with […]