Minecraft Cup Sign-Up -- English Help

Entry form Sample in English

Sign Up on  Official Minecraft Cup Website. 

Every participant is required to complete their registration for the Minecraft Cup competition through the official contest website. This registration is separate from the process of joining the Coding Lab team. 

Please note that the Minecraft Cup website is in Japanese. To assist you, we have included an English translation of the signup page below. If you require further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: mcup@codinglab.jp.

Please use your active email since they will send you a confirmation email.

Note: you can also use Google Translator plugin on Chrome browser to localize. See below
You will receive account and password to your email address.

Login to minecraftcup.com account. Please use password that send it to you from https://minecraftcup.com

Please following information and save by clicking yellow button.

Age and School Grade Informaiton

6-71st GradeYear 1Year 2Grade 1
7-8​2nd GradeYear 2Year 3Grade 2
8-9​3rd GradeYear 3Year 4Grade 3
9-10​4th GradeYear 4Year 5Grade 4
10-11​5th GradeYear 5Year 6Grade 5
11-12​6th GradeYear 6Year 7Grade 6
12-137th GradeYear 7Year 8Grade 7
13-148th GradeYear 8Year 9Grade 8
14-159th GradeYear 9Year 10Grade 9
15-161st yr High SchoolYear 10Year 11Grade 10
16-172nd yr High SchoolYear 11Year 12Grade 11
17-183rd yr High SchoolYear 12Year 13Grade 12

Tips on translating Japanese page to English

Since all the pages are written in Japanese, using a web browser translator is convenient. 
Microsoft Edge
The Microsoft Edge browser (built on the Chromium engine) has a built-in translator.   Click on the translate icon in the address bar. 
Install “Google translation” extension.

Joining Coding Lab Team in https://minecraftcup.com

  1. login to https://minecraftcup.com
  2. click on [join the team]
  3. add [secret number] that we shared
  4. click on [join the team]

Please use secret code ASAP

The shared Secret Code must be used within 24 hours. After that, the number will no longer be available.