Python Junior

Python Junior

Consistently ranked #1 as the “Most Popular Coding Language“, learning Python will enable your child to build programs that are used widely today in many domains; Eg. Web Development, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence.

The Python Jr. series of classes consists of Python Jr. 1 and Python Jr. 2.  In these classes students learn the fundamentals of coding and basic Python syntax.  

By the end of Python Jr. 2 students will be ready for the Advanced Computer Scientist classes and will be able to create their own program in Python!

Students write code in Python to solve problems ranging from mathematics, to chatbots, to games!

The Python Junior curriculum merges coding with mathematics, but there are  no math requirements.   All coding examples and programs can scale depending on the level of the students.

Python Junior 1

Students take their frist step into the world of text based programming with Python. They learn the fundamentals of coding, basic Python syntax, and how to create their own programs. After this class they will be ready for Python Jr. 2

Python Junior 2

Students continue learning the fundamentals of coding where Python Jr. 1 left off. Students hone their coding skills, learn more advnaed coding concepts, and apply computational thinking to solve more challenging problems.

If you have not complete App Inventor classes, please move to App Development with App Inventor classes.


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