Python Junior

Python Junior

Consistently ranked #1 as the “Most Popular Coding Language“, learning Python will enable your child to build programs that are used widely today in many domains; Eg. Web Development, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence.

In this program specifically designed based on the PSLE Mathematics curriculum, Mathematics will be used as the context through which students pick up Python programming skills. They will learn how to apply Mathematical Operators to calculate the area of a square or even develop a BMI Calculator (Who knew that +, -, x, ÷ could be so fun!).

Students write code in Python to solve actual PSLE questions (Above: A ‘Tough’ 2019 PSLE maths question)

They will also make use of conditionals to create a Movie-Age checker. And what about ending off with developing their own personalised “Baymax”, complete with a health tracker and personalised health tips? The sky is the limit as Kids get their hands on these exercises, and much more in our Python Meets Math classes! 

If you have not complete App Inventor classes, please move to App Development with App Inventor classes.


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