App Development with App Inventor

Create the next BIG Thing

Google Maps, WhatsApp, Instagram have become our everyday essential apps and your child may be the creator of the next B I G thing that you will use in your life. We nurture future leaders in technology by allowing students to explore the path of mobile app development. The MIT App Inventor Platform allows students to create fully functional mobile apps.

With an intuitive, visual drag-and-drop programming, our App Inventor curriculum guides students to apply computational thinking and creativity to design their own apps and put them to test immediately on their phones. They can build simple fun apps such as Countdown Timer, Racing Game, Robot Shooter Game and more! Hear about it firsthand from our students who got to present their apps and placed 2nd at the MIT App Inventor Summit (USA).

App Inventor 1

App Inventor 1’s goal is to introduce mobile app programming, instill confidence and an adventurous spirit for students to continue exploring to become little app creators.

App Inventor 2

App Inventor 2 will uncover the detail-oriented side of students as they enter the process of wireframing to strive to build an app that can solve a real world problem.

If you have complete Python Junior1 & 2 already along with Python Junior 2, please move to Advanced Computer Scientists.


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