STEM Jr. Coding and Robotics Club @ ASIJ 2020 Sep​

STEM Jr. Coding and Robotics Club @ ASIJ 2020 Sep

In the STEM Jr. Coding and Robotics club, kids learn to code computers and robots.  We use a fun and easy to use language called Scratch Jr. and an assortment of robots.  Students will make games, interactive stories, program robots to move and solve problems, and more.  Our goal is to give kids a chance to experience programming, robotics, and science in a fun and exciting environment.  Coding Lab Japan is run by ex-Microsoft software engineers. We want kids to learn the fundamentals of programming, but we want it to be fun and engaging so kids learn to love technology and coding.

Primary Focus: Coding with Scratch Jr. and Robotics

Secondary Focus: Problem Solving, Mathematics (basic arithmetic), science, spatial and temporal awareness, memory rotation, storytelling, and having fun!

Starting October 5th, ASIJ ELC will switch from a hybrid schedule to a regular schedule, so students will be at school every day. 

If you are interested in having your child attend after-school coding class every Monday, please sign up for the additional classes.  Payment information  for groups A, B, and C is below. 

*This is not including bank transfer fee.

How to Pay

To reserve your place in the class, please contact us first at

After your registration has been confirmed, we will send you the banking information by email.  Please deposit the payment before 9/21/2020 and add “ASIJ”  to the deposit name. 


Refunds are only granted if school schedule changes.  If ASIJ ELC changes their school schedule and your child is no longer able to attend the afterschool class, we will refund the missed classes. 

Minecraft Cup 2020

Minecraft Cup 2020

Coding Lab Team awarded Best Coding Team on Minecraft Cup 2019

We partially localized from information (as of 8/10/2020) and our class info.

Basic info

  • Official Website:
  • Individual Submissions (not a Group Project)
  • Open to any students worldwide, but you must submit documents in Japanese.
  • Under 18
  • Sign-Up:
  • Must use Minecraft Education Edition (info below)
  • Final Submission Date: November 23, 2020

Minecraft Education

  • Students must use Minecraft Education Edition for the competition
  • Minecraft Education License will be loaned for free to each student.
  • Valid: July 22, 2020 to Sunday, February 28, 2021.
  • After you sign up, Microsoft will email you the username/password in about 3 business days.
  • Windows 10, Mac, iPad, Chromebook
  • Download:

Age groups

Students under 18 as of March 31, 2021

  • Elementary school lower grades: 9 years old (third grader) or younger
  • Elementary school upper grades: 9 years old (4th grader) to 12 years old (6th grader)
  • Middle school division: 12 years old (1st year middle school student) to 15 years old (3rd year middle school student)
  • High school student division: 15 years old — 18 years old


School of the Future, a place where each person can challenge their possibilities.


  • Society5.0・SDGsなど、未来を考えるテーマを実現して、多様な人々が充実した暮らしができるか
    How does your world address future-oriented themes, such as Society5.0 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Does your world enable diverse people to fulfill their lives?
  • テーマに対して様々な調査を行えているか
    Research done on theme.
  • プログラミングやレッドストーンが活用され`ているか
    Programming and Redstone. How much programming was used? How much Redstone was used?
  • 計画を立てて取り組むことができるか


  • First screening: Initial selection by experts (coach community)
  • Second screening: The works that have passed the first screening will be published on the official website. Peer voting conducted by the participant who submitted the work.
  • Final examination: Presentation will be presented by the participants at the final examination and evaluated by the judges


Here are the basic things each student will need to submit.

  • World data (.mcworld file) from “Minecraft: Education Edition”.
  • Thumbnail image with the title to be displayed when introducing the work.
  • 5 screenshots of the world (.jpg or .png format 1920 x 1080 size or more)
  • MakeCode programs – code files you created to build parts of your world. *Optional
    o Even though this is optional, I would recommend that students save their code and include it in their final submission.
    • Tip: Save code files to your computer often. Sometimes code can get deleted in MakeCode so it’s good to save to your computer ofter. In the code editor, click the Gear icon, click Save.
    • The Share button will save your code to the cloud and create a link you can include in your final submission.

Coding Lab Japan – Events

  • Coding Lab Japan will host a Minecraft World that students can join online
    • We’ll send more info soon.
  • Coding Lab Minecraft Mini Hackathons
    • Coding Competitions within Coding Lab Japan
  • Coding Lab Mentoring
    • More info soon.
  • Coding Lab Minecraft Classes
    • Minecraft and Scratch
    • Minecraft and Python
    • Upcoming Classes (more classes scheduled soon)

Coding Basics/Tips in Minecraft Education Edition

  • In Minecraft Education, type “C” to open the code editor. Choose “Microsoft MakeCode”
  • Don’t forget to press the “Play” button on code to start it.
  • To run code in Minecraft, type “t” to open the chat commands. Then type the name of your command.
  • Save code files to your computer often. Sometimes code can get deleted in MakeCode so it’s good to save to your computer. In the code editor, click the Gear icon, click Save.
  • To create a shareable link to your code (which you can share with the judges), click the Share button in the code editor.

Private Lesson

Private Lessons

Private – Semi Private – Private Groups

At Coding Lab Japan, we teach all of our regular classes in private, semi-private, and private group classes. 

In addition, we teach and can create custom curriculum for other languages/technologies such as C#, Lua, Roblox & Lua Game Programming, C# & Unity Game Programming, Java, Go, C, C++, Javascript, and more. 

We also teach soft computer skills such as typing, Word, Excel, basic computer skills, how to build computes, and more.  Please contact us it there is a particular skill you would like us to teach and we will let you know if we have the expertise in-house to teach it.   


Class for one
¥ 7,800 per/hour
  • For One Student
  • Flexible time
  • Regular or Custom Curriculum
  • Online / In-Person


Class for two
¥ 10,920 per/hour
  • For Two Students
  • Flexible time
  • Regular or Custom Curriculum
  • Online / In-Person

Private Groups

After School, Private Groups
Contact us
  • Three or More Students
  • Flexible time
  • Regular or Custom Curriculum
  • Online / In-Person

Regular Group Lessons

If you're looking for regular group lessons (non-private), please see our regular class schedule. Or contact us if you have any questions. If you are new to our school, please try our free trial class.


for any inquiries please email

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautions

At Coding Lab Japan we are concerned about COVID 19 and are taking the following measures.  If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

What we are doing at the school

  • In the morning and the end of the day we are cleaning all the doors, surfaces, etc. 
  • We are ventilating the air in the school periodically during the day by opening windows and using fans. 
  • We are purifying the air in the school using a Blue Air system (
  • We applied a Nanozone coat to our class rooms (
  • All students, teachers, and visitors are required to wash their hands every time they come into the school. (arrival, bathroom breaks, etc.)
  • We are cleaning all computers, mice, and workspaces at the end of each class.
  • Classrooms will have protective plastic and/or see-through acrylic barriers installed.
  • For some classes we will ask students and teachers to wear a plastic face shield. These will be provided by the school.
  • In-person maximum class size has been reduced to 5 students.   Junior class class size is a maximum of 4 students. 
  • For weekday Summer Classes, we changed the start time for the early class to 10:00am, so students taking the train can avoid the morning crowded trains.  

Online classes

  • All classes are offered online, expect for a few specialty robotic classes.
  • Online classes are the same class as the in-person class.  All students join the same class.
  • Please contact us if you would prefer to have your child join a class online instead of coming to the school. 

In-person class guidelines

We are asking parents to please follow these guidelines for students joining in-person classes. 

  • All students and teachers will be required to wear masks inside the school.
  • If  your child is sick, has a fever, or not feeling well, please stay at home from class.
  • Please check your child’s temperature on a regular basis.
  • Please instruct your child on the proper way to cough or sneeze into their arm.
  • To limit the number of people inside the school, we ask that parents wait downstairs and phone their child or the school when you have arrived to pick them up. Of course, parents are always welcome to come into the school, but if you do not need to speak with us and your child is old enough to leave on their own, we ask you to please follow this policy.
  • Foreign Travel: If your child or a family member has traveled outside of Japan, we ask that you please at least 2 weeks before coming to the school.  We can arrange online classes so your child does not miss a lesson.