Password Box

Password Box Create a program that locks a treasure box with a password!  DemoTry the project out on the right! Challenge Info Green Flag Pressed: Ask player to create a new password for the box.  Box Clicked: Ask player for the password. If they type the correct password, show the treasure cake. else  “Say Incorrect Password” Extra Challenges Only give the user 3 attempts to type the password.  If they go over 3 attempts, delete the box.  When the password is created, make sure it is 10 letters long.   Add a new sprite, if you click it, change the password.  Create a game with a password puzzle! Code your own ideas!

Monster Box (List Challenge)

Monster Box (List Challenge)  Let’s create a box to hold all our monster friends! Collect the monsters and add them to the box (list).  But only one of each type of monster is allowed in the box! DemoTry the game out on the right! Challenges If you click a sprite, add to list if not in listOnly one monster of each type in box  if you click a sprite, create clone and move to box  If you click “Empty Box” button— empty the monster_box list— send message to sprites to delete clones.  Extra Add more monsters! Add sounds! Do something when you click a monster! Make it into a game!  Get Creative! […]

Gamer Backpack Maze

Gamer Backup Maze Demo Try the game out on the right!   See PDF for Instructionshttps://codinglab.jp/wp-content/uploads/Gamer_Backpack_Maze_v1.pdf  

micro:bit Animations (MakeCode)

micro:bit Animations (MakeCode) Demo Try the app out on the right! A button, B button, A+B button.  Just press on button at a time.  Otherwise, the micro:bit simulator will glitch out.     MakeCode https://makecode.microbit.org/    See PDF for Instructionshttps://codinglab.jp/wp-content/uploads/makecode_animations.pdf  

Funny Face

River Run  Demo Try the game out on the right!   See PDF for Instructionshttps://codinglab.jp/wp-content/uploads/funny-faces.pdf   

River Run

River Run  DemoTry the game out on the right! See PDF for InstructionsRiverRun.pdf (codinglab.jp) 

AR Catch Bats and Crystals

AR Catch Bats and Crystals DemoYou can start the game on the right, but the Camera may not work on this website.  So you’ll need to make the game yourself to really play it! See PDF for Instructionshttps://codinglab.jp/wp-content/uploads/AR_Catch_Clones.pdf 

Tractor Beam

Challenge: Tractor Beam See PDF for Challenges:https://codinglab.jp/wp-content/uploads/tractor_beam.pdf

Speed Variable

Challenge: Speed Variable Dog Basic Challenge Make dog walk left and right. Make dog bounce on the walls.  When Up Arrow pressed go faster. When Down Arrow pressed go slower. Don’t let speed go above 50. Don’t let speed go below 0.    Extra Challenges Space key: Jumps Add a sprite (rock?) the dog has to jump over. Add a score. Make the rock move up and down. Make the rock go faster if it bounces off the wall. Don’t let the rock go faster than 50. Add sounds. Do something with clone.

Ghost Chase Maze Go Home

Ghost Chase Maze : Go Home Edition Basic Game Move Player with Arrow Keys If you get the Cheesy Puffs, get 1 point.  If you hit a wall, lose 1 point and Go Home! If you hit the ghost, game over!   Extra/Advanced Challenge    Adds sounds.  When player gets point, loses point, hits wall, game over, etc.  Make Cheesy Puffs teleport every 5 seconds to a random position.  Make player and ghost talk. Add graphic effects.  Add new levels.   Code your own ideas!!!