Scratch Challenge #02

Challenge #02 Challenges list below video. Code it! (try as many challenges as you can, but you don’t have to do them all) Share your finished project Add your project to this studio! https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/26173317/ Student Showcase Challenge List (do as many as you can) Points Add an Earth in the center of the screen and make it small. 5 Add the space ship and point towards the Earth. 5 Move the space ship towards the earth and stop when it hits it. 5 Make the Earth bigger and bigger until the space ship hits it. 5 Make the Spaceship smaller and smaller. 5 When the ship hits the Earth say, […]

Scratch Jr Challenge #01

Challenge #01 Watch the challenge video with your child Read Challenges below Try to code it! Have fun! Send Scratch Jr. project to challenge@codinglab.jp Don’t forgot to include your child’s name in the email. Challenge Points Add your favorite sprite (character) 5 Make the sprite hide 5 Make the sprite show 5 Make the sprite say “Boo” after it shows 5 Make the sprite hide and show 5 times 5 At the end, make the sprite say “Yeah!” 5 Change the background 5 Get Creative! Code your own ideas! 1-25 Coding Lab Challenges