Python Perfect

The Python Perfect Lab is designed for students to practice and improve their coding skills.  Students work on increasingly challenging coding problems, with the help and guidance of a Coding Lab instructor.

Python Perfect  is an individualized learning method that supplements and ensures that students apply the concepts they have learned in the Python foundation classes. This promotes the self-study of core programming concepts with ease. Students will advance as quickly as possible on their own to the next level.  Tutors will grade their questions and guide them in achieving code efficiency during class.

Hundreds of well-designed programming challenges, carefully categorised into 10 difficulty levels will allow students to practise at their individual optimal point. Our instructors will stretch the students’ potential by gradually increasing the difficulty level of the problem set. The challenges hail from a wide variety of domains, ranging from Banking and Finance to Engineering, Mathematics and even Medicine. Students will gain an appreciation of the wide applicability of Python in the real world.

Students can attend the Python Perfect classes while they are currently taking one of the other Python foundation  classes (Python 101, 102, 103) or they can take classes in between Python 101, 102, or 103.  

Sample Problem: Leap Year Generator (click the Run button)

Who is this for?

Students 10-12 & 13-18 years old
All Python Students who are taking or have finished Python Jr. 1 / Python 101 or higher

Class Info

Duration: 90 min or 2 hours
Small Class Size: 8 students maximum
Online or In-Person
Laptop provided (one per child)

In this day and age, coding skills are no longer just important for software developers.  Coding skills are becoming more and more important for vast ranges of disciplines, from the core sciences, to graphic designers, to sound produces, animators, and more.

Please complete all Python Foundation and Python Perfect classes before taking Advanced Python classes. 


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