Stories x Coding: Nursery Rhymes, Stories, Adventures and more!

In our specially curated preschool coding program, kids will learn how to code with a new story every lesson!

With familiar favorites inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Five Little Monkeys and more, kids get to dramatize and program each other to act out the iconic scenes in the book, followed by putting it together in a digital tablet animation*!

Come join us on a Coding Adventure which brings your child through the jungle, mischief in the house, showing their love for Daddy, and finally a wondrous train ride filled with bumps and turns. It is bound to excite your little coder, and they will never see their favorite books in the same way again!

Pointing out the part of the code that makes the train grow bigger
Pointing out the part of the code that makes the train grow bigger (Official Re-Opening of Bukit Panjang Library)

Our proprietary, award-winning MIT-inspired curriculum builds up your child’s understanding of the coding language and inspires them to think logically. Your child will be able to understand how to use coding blocks and sequence them in the right manner to form a story or a mini game. Concepts such as loops, motion and Events will be incorporated in class, in a way that the children will pick it up in a natural and fun way, all with minimal screen time. Through a combination of Reading, Drama, Kinaesthetic learning and craftwork, your child will learn computational thinking and problem-solving in a novel and exciting manner.

Books /Themes used:
– The Very Hungry Caterpillar
– Five Little Monkeys
– Sports and Games
– Jungle Safari
– Train Adventures with Code

*1-2 selected scenes in the book

5 Little Monkeys - Digital Animation
5 Little Monkeys – Digital Animation

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Who is this for?

Children 4-6 years old

No prior knowledge required

Tablets provided (one per child)


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Course structure

Number of lessons: 4

Hours per lesson: 1

Small Class Size: 4 students maximum


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Weekend Classes & After-School
(1 day a week)
1 hrs x 4 days (4hrs)
¥13,500 + tax




– Warm Up

– Kinaesthetic Activities

– Break/Snack Time (Kids to bring their own snacks)

– Coding with Crafts

– Tablet Time* (Children may bring their own tablets; otherwise, tablets will be provided)