Animate Name Challenge

Basic Challenge

  1. Green Flag or “R” key, move to Random Position.  
  2. When Space Key pressed, glide letters to home. 
  3. When Gliding, Spin letters.  
  4. When Gliding, Change colors.
  5. When Gliding, Make first letter bigger. 
Extra/Advanced Challenge 
  1. Glide to first letter, (When “1” Key Pressed)
    a) First letter glide to random position
    b) Send message to other letters to go to it.
  2. Secret Code! (When “2” Key Pressed).
    Use the “Pixelate” effect to make a secret message!
  3. Clear graphic effects.  (When “3” key pressed)
  4. When “4” key pressed, Set Letter size to “Mouse Distance” (hint, forever)
  5. Get creative and add your own ideas!