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Step into the World of Programming

Specially designed for curious young minds who are new to coding / programming: This course introduces a must-have skill to equip your children with, for their futures. We believe in engaging children to be thinkers and creators through hands-on and project-based learning, for a purpose.

Students will design their own interactive stories, animations and gaming ideas using Scratch, a visual programming language. Students will combine visual blocks creatively and instruct the computer to breathe their creations to life.

The beauty in what we teach is not the language that matters, but the practice of thinking through a problem and applying a solution. This logic is essential to any coding language and applicable even beyond the scope of the course. Want to find out more? Check out our FAQs.

Lynette loves her scratch 1, 2 and advanced. There is a need to code. There is a need to compute and put in the logic for actions to take place and determining the actions. Behind each automation, there are a lot of coding.Wan Soon, Mother of Lynette (9)

Who is this for?

Children 7-9 years old
(6 year old students okay with approval)

No prior knowledge required

Course Structure & Fees

Weekend Classes
(Saturday or Sunday)
2 hours x 5 days
Grand Opening Sale Price: ¥27,000 + tax

After-School Classes
(1 day a week)
1.5 hours x 7 days
Grand Opening Sale Price: ¥29,500 + tax

Class Info

Small Class Size: 6 students maximum

Laptop provided (one per child)


Introduction to and exploration of Scratch
Understand Motions and Events
Learn about (x, y) coordinates
How to initiate events with  user input

Control of characters using Commands
Relative versus Absolute commands
Setting sizes
Give instructions to your Characters

Step-by-step Animation
Loops and parallelism techniques
Customize costumes, colours and pick music

Creation of in-game variables
Score, Timer




Upcoming Scratch Beginner 1 Classes


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Office, Campus:

Yoyogi Campus

2-26-12 Petit Maison Yoyogi 2F, Yoyogi
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053

8min from Shinjuku/Yoyogi Station

Open weekend

Shirokanedai Campus

3-14-4 LB Building 7F, Shirokanedai
Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0071

1min from Shirokanedai Station

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