Young Computer Scientiest

Develop and Create

Advanced Computer Scientists marries software (coding) and hardware (mobile phones, micro:bit) and is a collaborative platform for students to be developers of apps and software. Deep dive into app creation for both iOs and Android, develop the maker in them with our extensive micro:bit curriculum, or touch base with Python in a way that students enjoy and understand, for maximum application and retention.

We have 12 different badges for students to collect and advance their coding abilities. This class will expose students to diverse fields of application for coding. You can join us anytime throughout the year.

Students are required to complete at least 6 (min) – 8 (recommended) research areas before progressing to the next level.Research areas proceed based on a pre-selected schedule curated by Coding Lab tutors which expose your child to all 3 groups by the time they complete at least 6 research areas. Want to find out more?

Hardware-Based Learning

Advanced Python projects using hardware devices such as micro:bit, Raspberry pi, more.

Syntax-Based Learning

Advanced Python projects.

Advanced App development Learning 

Advanced app development projects using App Inventor.  

For Students

Ages 10-12 who have
Completed P201, P202, P205 and P206

Passed the placement test with Coding Lab

Course Logistics

All materials and equipment provided

Maximum 1:8 Instructor-Student ratio