S201 – Scratch STEM (Age 7-9)

Scratch STEM coding classes are intermediate coding classes that focus on a particular STEM based or Art based theme, such as LEGO robotics, physics, game design, or anime.  Kids continue to develop new coding skills and hone existing skills all while exploring a new subject.  This allows kids to apply their coding skills to real, concrete problems, while doing something they enjoy!  Learn something new! And have fun!

Students should complete Scratch Beginner 2 (or get approval) to enroll in the intermediate STEM coding classes.

STEM Lab: Scratch (General Class)

This STEM coding class has a broad focus which explores many different STEM themes.  This lets kids explore  different technologies such as A.I., augmented reality, game design, mathematics, computer science, music, and more.  The content for this class is always different from the themed STEM classes, so students can take the general STEM classes and the themed 


Monthly Class Schedule (once a week)

STEM Themed Coding Classes
These coding classes focus on one STEM theme. Allowing kids to dive deep into a specific technology.

STEM Lab: Scratch & Minecraft

Kids play minecraft with scratch based programming.


STEM Lab: Scratch & Game Design


STEM Lab: Scratch & micro:bit


STEM Lab: Scratch & LEGO Robotics


STEM Lab: Scratch & mBot Robotics


STEM Lab: Scratch & Creative Writing


STEM Lab: Scratch & Game Physics


STEM Lab: Scratch & Biology



2 hours class every weekend

90 min class every weekday 16:30 - 18:00​

2 hours class for 5 days

Special classes for holiday camp