S102 – Scratch Beginner 2 (Age 7-9)

Advance to the next Scratch Level

Level Up your Scratch skills: Scratch 2 is a natural progression for students to hone their skills from Scratch 1. Your child will be able to reiterate concepts with more challenging activities (practice makes perfect!) and realize their childhood dreams of building the coolest game or exciting blockbuster-like animation.

Combining game design fundamentals and in-depth programming knowledge, they will design their own animations and culminate in creating a project of their own during the exciting hackathon. Want to find out more? Check out our FAQs.

Quick Recap of Scratch 1 and Storyboards
Plan storyboard outline of games

Key Game Features
Scenes and transitions
Level system
Broadcast function
Blocks creation (Reusing code)

Fundamentals of game development
Creation of game of your choice

Development of own Project

Project Showcase

2 hours class every weekend

90 min class every weekday 16:30 - 18:00​

2 hours class for 5 days