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In this course, students build on what they learned in the Scratch Beginner Class. Kids will learn more advanced programming concepts, build larger, more complex projects, and hone their critical problem solving skills. Concepts such as project planning will be introduced to allow students to experience creating projects from start to finish.

More advanced computational concepts will be taught, stretching and challenging students to think and apply what they have learned mathematically.  Ultimately this course will provide them with a comprehensive programming tool-set that is relevant for both schoolwork and personal hobbies.

The Scratch Intermediate class is broke into two, 10 hour sections: Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2.


My son was fully satisfied and enjoyed the coding class. Everyday after came back home, he immediately sat in front of the PC and did his fun homework. The creativity and interesting are factors to attract him. He will apply for the next class.Eria, Mother of Matsumae Yuto (10)


Who is this for?

Children 10-12 years old

Completed Scratch Beginners 2

Laptop provided (one per child)

Course structure

Course duration: 20 hours total

Number of lessons: 5

Hours per lesson: 4

Small Class Size: 6 students maximum



Summer Camps (Weekly, Mon – Fri)
4 hrs x 5 days (20hrs)
¥50,000 + tax



Review of Basics and Introduction to Advanced Techniques

Revise key blocks of Scratch

Introduction to Computational Logic

Applying Computational Logic in games and animations

More Computational Logic

Diving deep into Computational Logic

More applications in games and animations

Learn your Coordinates

Introduction to Coordinates

Drawing on Scratch using Mathematics

Applying Coordinates Mathematics to games and animations

Storyboard and Project Planning

Designing and developing a storyboard

Implementing the storyboard on Scratch

Project showcase

Work on your game/app/animation concept

Use the techniques you have learned over the past 4 days

Show and tell




Schedule for upcoming classes



Holiday Camps (Mon – Fri)