Sj101: Scratch Jr Basic 1

Stories x Coding: Nursery Rhymes, Stories, Adventures and more!

In our specially curated preschool coding program, kids will learn how to code with a new story every lesson!

With familiar favorites inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Five Little Monkeys and more, kids get to dramatize and program each other to act out the iconic scenes in the book, followed by putting it together in a digital tablet animation*!

Come join us on a Coding Adventure which brings your child through the jungle, mischief in the house, showing their love for Daddy, and finally a wondrous train ride filled with bumps and turns. It is bound to excite your little coder, and they will never see their favorite books in the same way again!

– Warm Up

– Story time with code

– Kinaesthetic Activities

– Coding with Crafts

– Tablet Time* (Children may bring their own tablets; otherwise, tablets will be provided)

After School



2-days Camp

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Lynette loves her scratch 1, 2 and advanced. There is a need to code. There is a need to compute and put in the logic for actions to take place and determining the actions. Behind each automation, there are a lot of coding.

Wan Soon, Mother of Lynette (9)