Further Develop your Child’s Structured Thinking Process with Python

This course furthers your child’s understanding of Python and computer programming.  It introduces concepts such as Functions, Lists, and Strings. Students will create programs to model Mathematical simulations. Improving code efficiency will play a huge part in this module. And though we use mathematics as a way to help learn Python and improve math skills, there are no math requirements. We will scale the difficulty level of math based on each students abilities. This powerful pairing of Math and Programming not only allows your child to build a solid foundation in both but also most importantly, to understand how Math is applicable in the Real World. Students who have completed this course are encouraged to go on to pursue Python 100P: Python Perfect which is a critical lab practice component.

Who is this for?

12-17 years old

Completed Python 101 & Python Perfect Lab is recommend


Weekends & Camps 2 hrs x 5 days ¥35,000 Grand Opening Sale: ¥27,000 + tax

After-School Classes
(1 day a week)
1.5 hours x 7 days
Grand Opening Sale Price: ¥29,500 + tax

Class Info

Small Class Size: 6 students maximum

Laptop provided (one per child)


Functions Learn how to define and use your own functions Introduction to the different types of functions Modularise an earlier program with functions Additional Math challenges (Eg. Factorials, Prime numbers) Lists Introduction to data structures Creating and using lists Developing a shopping cart program Additional Math challenges (Eg. Superspeed Prime Numbers generator, dice-rolling probability experiments) Strings, Dictionaries, Range and For Loops Understanding Strings as a list Creating and using dictionaries Using For loops Developing a text analysis program More Useful Libraries Installing additional Python libraries / modules Using matplotlib Using numpy Plotting of functions and equations (reinforcement of concepts from Math Class) Actuarial consultant – Use Statistics and Probability to determine if your client should launch a product Hackathon & Challenges Timed challenges for students to stretch their abilities