PYTHON 101 (AGE 10-12)

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Enhance Your Child’s Understanding of Mathematics with Python

Consistently ranked #1 as the “Most Popular Coding Language“, learning Python will enable your child to build programs that are used widely today in many domains; Eg. Web Development, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence.

In this program, Mathematics will be used as the context through which students pick up Python programming skills. They will learn how to develop a simultaneous or quadratic equation solver, program Monte Carlo simulations, and more, leading to a better understanding of these complex and abstract Mathematical concepts.

This powerful synergistic pairing of Math and Programming, developed by Coding Lab’s Award-Winning team of curriculum advisors, has been tested and proven to provide students a solid foundation in both.

Who is this for?

Children 10-12 years old

Completed at least Scratch Beginners 2

Laptop provided (one per child)

Course structure

Course Duration: Total 10 Hours

Number of lessons: 5

Hours per lesson: 2

Small Class Size: 6 students maximum



Summer Camps (Weekly, Mon – Fri)
2 hrs x 5 days (10hrs)
¥27,000 + tax



Introduction to Python: Simultaneous Equations are Easy
Learn to install, setup and run Python
Basic Syntax and Variables
Numerical data and Mathematics operators
Develop a simultaneous equation solver program

Booleans and Conditionals: Solving Quadratic Equations
Learn booleans and conditionals
Syntax of if, if-then-else, if and elif
Logical operators and truth tables
Develop a quadratic equation solver program

While Loops
Using while loops
Applying while loops to Mathematics (Eg. Prime numbers, Fibonacci sequence)

Using Modules and Libraries
Random numbers
Plotting graphs with Matplotlib
Modelling probability by developing a roulette game simulator and plotting the results

Hackathon and Challenges
Timed Challenges for students to stretch their abilities




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