Class Schedule

Perfect Your Python Foundation (Python Perfect Weekly practice)

In our Python Perfect workshops, students who have completed our core foundational modules (Python 101, 102, or 103) will be attending lab practice sessions to hone their skills.

With hundreds of well-designed programming challenges, carefully categorised into 15 difficulty levels, students will practice at the “perfect-level” which is optimal and individualised according to their level. Our instructors will constantly challenge our students by gradually increasing the level of difficulty of the challenges, stretching and pushing students to their maximum capacity of learning.

These carefully curated Python programming challenges hail from a wide variety of domains, ranging from Banking and Finance to Engineering, Mathematics and even Medicine) through which students will gain an appreciation of the wide applicability of computer science in the real world.

Students will be notified when they are ready for the next level (Python 102 or 103), and will be moved to the appropriate class accordingly.

Who is this for?

Children / Teenagers 12-17 years old

Completed Python 101, 102 or 103

Laptop provided (one per child)

Course structure

Course Duration: Total 20 Hours (per term)

Number of lessons: 10

Hours per lesson: 2

Small Class Size: 6 students maximum



Individual Lessons (2hrs)
¥5,000 + tax.

11 Lessons for the price of 10 (22hrs)
¥50,000 + tax




Each Student will be given a programming challenge at the “perfect-level” for him/her

Once students have successfully completed the challenge, they will move on to the next challenge

Instructor on site to provide guidance and mentorship to the students




Schedule for upcoming classes