Python Perfect Lab


Python Perfect Lab

The Python Perfect Lab is designed for students to practice and improve their coding skills.  Students work on increasingly challenging coding problems, with the help and guidance of a Coding Lab instructor.

Students can attend the Python Perfect classes while they are currently taking one of the other Python classes, such as Python Beginner 101 or 102, or they can take classes in between Python Beginner 101, 102, or 103.  The classes do not have to be taken in order.  

Who is this for?

Students 10-12 & 13-17 years old

At least Currently taking Python 101

Course structure

Weekends: 2 hours



5 Classes (2 hours each)
¥35,000 + tax


In this day and age, coding skills are no longer just important for software developers.  Coding skills are becoming more and more important for vast ranges of disciplines, from the core sciences, to graphic designers, to sound produces, animators, and more.

Caleb enjoyed the course so much.. He is greatly inspired and created a new game today.. He could also articulate what he has learnt..Trionna, Caleb’s Mother