Python 103 — Python Meets Mathematics III

This course furthers students understanding of Python (Consistently ranked #1 as the “Most Popular Coding Language“), introducing students to concepts such as File I/O, recursion, Python Data Structures, and powerful libraries used for graphing (matplotlib) and mathematics (numpy) . Students will be expected to apply programming to model Mathematical simulations. Improving code efficiency will play a huge part in this module.

Course Outline

Permanent Storage with Files
Writing to and reading from files
Using various data storage modules

Functions and Recursion

More Python DataTypes: Sets, Tuples, Multidimensional Lists

List Comprehensions and Generators

More Useful Libraries
Installing additional Python libraries / modules
Using matplotlib
Using numpy
Plotting of functions and equations (reinforcement of concepts from Math Class)
Actuarial consultant – Use Statistics and Probability to determine if your client should launch a product

Hackathon & Challenges
Timed challenges for students to stretch their abilities

Who is this coding class for?

  • Students 12-17 years old
  • Python 102
  • Laptop provided (one per child)

Class Structure

  • 5 sessions x 2 hours

Course Fees

  • ¥27,000 + tax
    • 2-kid discount: ¥2,000
    • 2 Class Camp discount (2 classes i.e. Python 101 + 102):  ¥4,000

Upcoming Python 103 Classes