Open Tinkering Lab (AGE 10-12)

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Open Tinkering Lab

The Open Tinkering Lab is a supervised intermediate coding lab that is designed for kids to work on their own projects or work on a STEM based coding activity provided by the instructor.  An instructor is present in the lab to mentor and supervise students.

If students don’t have their own projects to work on, they will complete a STEM based coding project, such learning about gravity or cell mitosis.

Physics – Projectile motion

Biology – Cell division

Who is this for?

Children 10-12 years old

Completed at least Scratch Beginners 2

Course structure

Weekends: 2 hours

After-School: Lab is open from 15:00 — 19:00 (kids can start and stop when they choose)



Individual Tickets
¥5,000 + tax.

4 tickets — valid for 1 month
¥19,200 + tax

10+1 tickets — valid for 3 month
¥50,000 + tax.



In this day and age, coding skills are no longer just important for software developers.  Coding skills are becoming more and more important for vast ranges of disciplines, from the core sciences, to graphic designers, to sound produces, animators, and more.

Caleb enjoyed the course so much.. He is greatly inspired and created a new game today.. He could also articulate what he has learnt..Trionna, Caleb’s Mother



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