Summer Coding Camps


Enrollment now open for Summer Camps! New 5-day camps start every week from June — September.  If you don’t see a camp for the dates you want, please let us know and we’ll try to schedule a new camp.

Junior Coder (ages 4-6)
Junior Coder Beginner: 9:00–10:00
Junior Coder Intermediate: 10:15–11:15 or 11:30–12:30 (LEGO Robotics, Game Design, Alilo Robotics, and Science) 

Scratch Beginner (7-9, 10-12)
Scratch Beginner 1, Scratch Beginner 2: 9:00–11:00 or 13:15–15:15
Scratch Beginner 1 & 2: 9:00–13:00

STEM Lab: Scratch (ages 7-9, 10-12, intermediate level)
Different class each time slot:: 9:00–11:00, 11:15–13:15, 13:30–15:30. kids can take classes back-to-back.
Class Themes: LEGO Robotics, Minecraft, Game Physics, Game Design, Creative Writing, Biology, micro:bits, mbot Robotics 

Python Beginner (Ages 10-12, 13-17)
various times

Python & Game Design (Ages 10-12, 13-17)
various times

Mobile App Development with App Inventor (ages 10-12, 13-17)
various times

JavaScript Beginner with Minecraft (Ages 10-12, 13-17)
various times

Class Schedules

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