STEM Jr. Coding and Robotics Club @ ASIJ 2021 Feb

State of Emergency Update

Due to the declaration of the State of Emergency, ASIJ ELC is suspending all after-school activities starting January 11th for a minimum of two weeks.

In the STEM Jr. Coding and Robotics club, kids learn to code computers and robots.  We use a fun and easy to use language called Scratch Jr. and an assortment of robots.  Students will make games, interactive stories, program robots to move and solve problems, and more.  Our goal is to give kids a chance to experience programming, robotics, and science in a fun and exciting environment.  Coding Lab Japan is run by ex-Microsoft software engineers. We want kids to learn the fundamentals of programming, but we want it to be fun and engaging so kids learn to love technology and coding.

Primary Focus: Coding with Scratch Jr. and Robotics

Secondary Focus: Problem Solving, Mathematics (basic arithmetic), science, spatial and temporal awareness, memory rotation, storytelling, and having fun!

Step to registration

1. To reserve your place in the class, please register from below.

2. Please wait for our confirmation mail. If you deposit before registration confirmation and class was full, we will deduct a to refund money.

Note: For returning students, (students who attended classes last term Sept 2020—Dec 2020), we are saving a seat in the class. You do not need to fill out the online application form, simply send us an email and transfer the class fees.

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