STEM Jr. Coding and Robotics Club @ ASIJ 2020 Sep

In the STEM Jr. Coding and Robotics club, kids learn to code computers and robots.  We use a fun and easy to use language called Scratch Jr. and an assortment of robots.  Students will make games, interactive stories, program robots to move and solve problems, and more.  Our goal is to give kids a chance to experience programming, robotics, and science in a fun and exciting environment.  Coding Lab Japan is run by ex-Microsoft software engineers. We want kids to learn the fundamentals of programming, but we want it to be fun and engaging so kids learn to love technology and coding.

Primary Focus: Coding with Scratch Jr. and Robotics

Secondary Focus: Problem Solving, Mathematics (basic arithmetic), science, spatial and temporal awareness, memory rotation, storytelling, and having fun!

Starting October 5th, ASIJ ELC will switch from a hybrid schedule to a regular schedule, so students will be at school every day. 

If you are interested in having your child attend after-school coding class every Monday, please sign up for the additional classes.  Payment information  for groups A, B, and C is below. 

*This is not including bank transfer fee.

How to Pay

To reserve your place in the class, please contact us first at

After your registration has been confirmed, we will send you the banking information by email.  Please deposit the payment before 9/21/2020 and add “ASIJ”  to the deposit name. 


Refunds are only granted if school schedule changes.  If ASIJ ELC changes their school schedule and your child is no longer able to attend the afterschool class, we will refund the missed classes.