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After-School classes meet 1 day a week from 16:30–18:00 and 18:15–19:45.  Beginner classes run for 7 weeks and intermediate classes are monthly (4 sessions).

In addition to all the regular coding classes, there is an Open Tinkering Lab open from 15:00–19:00 where students can work on personal coding projects or on STEM based coding/robotics activities.


After-School Sessions

Session Dates
Autumn Session September 10th — October 26th
Autumn 1/2 Session October 1st — October 26th
Winter Session 1 October 22nd — December 7th
Winter Session 2 January 7th — February 22nd
Winter Session 3 February 25th — April 12th
Spring Session 1 April 15th — May 31st


After-School Schedules