LEGO Robotics & Scratch Camp

In the Tinker Garage LEGO Robotics & Scratch camp, kids spend all their time programming LEGO Wedo robots using Scratch.   LEGO WeDo is a popular educational robotics kit for kids.

In this course, students will learn about robotics, build LEGO robots, and most importantly learn how to  write Scratch programs to control the robots.  Their Scratch programs will interact with the real world using the LEGO WeDo motor, motion sensor, and tilt sensor.  Kids will also learn how to use the LEGO sensors to provide feedback to their Scratch programs, enabling things like interactive game controllers, motion alarms, and Scratch games that intersect with the real world.

Class Outline

  • Getting Started Lesson
    • Short Scratch refresher
    • Introduction to robots, robotics, and the Internet of Things (iot)
    • Introduction to LEGO WeDo
  • Motor
    • Introduction to motors and engines
    • Introduction to the LEGO WeDo motor
    • Scratch/LEGO WeDo activity focusing on the LEGO WeDo Motor
  • Motion Sensor Lesson
    • Introduction to sensors
    • Introduction to the LEGO WeDo external sensors
    • Scratch/LEGO WeDo activity focusing on the LEGO WeDo eternal sensors
  • Tilt Sensor Lesson
    • Introduction to robots, remote control, and drones
    • Using LEGO tilt sensor
    • Scratch/LEGO WeDo activity focusing on the LEGO WeDo tilt sensor
  • Final Project Lesson
    • Putting it all together!
    • Create your own interactive LEGO WeDo and Scratch game, story, or app.

Who is this coding class for?

  • Children 6-12 & 12-17 years old
  • Completed at least Scratch Beginner II (or by approval)
  • No experience with robotics required
  • Laptops and hardware devices provided

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to use Scratch to program external hardware devices (LEGO WeDo).
  • Continue to develop core coding skills.
  • Cultivate and Develop problem-solving and critical logic skills.
  • Appreciation of the application of Science and Mathematics in coding.

Class Structure

  • Course Duration: 10 hours
  • Small Class Size: 6 students maximum
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